St Thomas' Newport and St Saviour's Totland Bay

All this beauty is of God

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Preparation includes a meeting with one of our catechists. The process can begin prior to birth. Dates available from the contact.

Contact: 522027 


Preparation for marriage takes place over several months. Please contact the priest at least 6 months before your proposed marriage date.

Contact: 522027 

Adults wishing to learn about the Faith

Each year a programme is run which is designed to provide information about the Faith. It also provides an opportunity to ask questions and discuss issues. Some of the people who join the programme decide they want to become Catholics. Typically the process culminates at the Easter Vigil when applicants are received into the Church during the highlight of the annual liturgy. At any one time the group of people taking part in the programme includes new people who are enquiring about the faith, enquirers who have been with the group for some time (some people simply enjoy the discussions but don't wish to become Catholics), new Catholics and experienced Catholics. The programme can be joined at any time. The start of the programme is publicised in the late summer.

Contact: 522027 

The Sacrament of the Sick

Please feel free to request this sacrament, the anointing of the sick, whenever you think there may a need as, for instance, before admission to hospital.

Contact: 522027